I Remember by Dan Pang
I remember,
Dancing through the moonless night
Eleven was I until the morning light
Joyous were these grand celebrations
Which were full of dances and jubilation

I remember,
The friendliness of the town
Aiding all those who were down
Comforting until full health or last breath
But dirges weren’t played until their death

I remember,
The absolute honesty of Auburn
Very little crime and no concern
Doors unlocked, things left for one another
Trust and care as if they were brothers

I remember,
Vegetables weren’t so many in the past
Even though the ground could produce so fast
Foods stored in root-houses, so damp and cold
Also during celebrations, Oyster soup was gold

I remember,
Men wore simple clothes
Heavy mackinaws and coats were style I suppose
Paper collars cheaply worn
Thrown away from a torn

I remember,
Auburn, a town forever gone
Disappeared like the past dawn
But will you really find
The lost town within my mind?